Frosso Bora

handmade ceramics

Frosso Bora is a pottery artist who creates ceramics by hand in a modern Greek way. She works with earthenware and with the technique of RAKU. Each piece is unique.

On this website you will find information about the pieces and the production procedure. Frosso Bora also has beautiful accommodation in the old town of Rethymno, Crete.


Raku Art

Creating process


The first step is the formation of the piece, either on the wheel or on the table, e.g. by slab. After it dries for two or several days, it gets turned. Then the finishing touches are given. Here is one opportunity to work with colors, in this case it’s Engobe. After the piece is ready, it has to dry further. When it’s dry enough, there will be the first firing: bisque-firing at 900 degrees Celsius. Now the pieces get water-brushed and some get waxed. Last step is the glazing. Then it is fired for a second time till 1040 degrees Celsius for the glaze to be applied. It takes two days for the kiln to be opened, in order to prevent thermal shocks.

The technique of Raku

For this technique, a special clay is used. After forming, bisque-firing and glazing, Raku is a unique technique of glazing the piece. A special kiln is used for Raku, which is opened when it reaches 900 degrees Celsius. Then each piece has to be removed from the kiln and get covered with chipped wood, where they catch fire. After a few seconds they get fully covered with big metallic lids, in order for the oxygen to be burned. The glaze forms cracks in this process. The lack of oxygen blackens the non-glazed parts-spots and the formed cracks. Also due to the oxygen reduction, the different metals and substances in the glaze, take unique iridescent and metallic textures.

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Chimaras 25, Rethymno, Crete, Greece, 74100

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